Key strengths

  • effective planning and communication
  • quality delivery
  • flexibility

I prioritise a good working relationship with the client team and am able to quickly understand an organisation's aims and objectives and plan accordingly.

"Each time I have worked with Nicky she has demonstrated an ability to quickly understand the project and its objectives and has devised an appropriate evaluation methodology to capture the qualitative and quantitative information we required for both internal and external audiences."

– Audience Development Manager English Heritage

''Throughout each project Nicky has worked closely with the teams to ensure the best possible outcomes, incorporating a variety of methods both qualitative and quantitative."

– Head of Formal Learning Royal Museums Greenwich

Delivering quality work on time and to budget is important to me.

"Nicky is always very professional and delivers on time and to budget."

– Museum Development Officer

"I have found Nicky to be very reliable when delivering against agreed objectives, and at times she has gone above and beyond in order to complete the work, but always sticking to the agreed budget."

– Head of Learning

I aim to be flexible in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for the organisation I’m working with.

"Each project has presented individual challenges and has benefitted enormously from Nicky’s considerable experience, expertise, and exceptional capacity for flexibility."

– Head of Formal Learning Royal Museums Greenwich

"Nicky is very organised and highly reliable. She has never missed a deadline and has been flexible when working with tight project budgets and deadlines."

– Audience Development Manager English Heritage

I regularly use a wide range of creative consultation and evaluation tools and always make sure they are appropriate to the project and participants I am working with.

"Having watched Nicky facilitate workshops and focus groups I can confidently say that she is extremely skilled in putting participants at ease and drawing out valuable insights. She uses creative evaluation tools in these sessions to ensure they are engaging and enjoyable for all ages and interests."

– Museum Development Officer

Nicky presenting with flipchart
Nicky's level of experience and her creative approach make her fantastic to work with.
Jo Graham, Learning Unlimited

Highly experienced in…

  • working with a wide range of audiences
  • quality data collection
  • meaningful analysis and reporting

My wealth of experience of working with a range of different audience groups using effective and non-intrusive data gathering tools (both quantitative and qualitative), means that I am always sensitive to the needs of the different audiences that I am working with, particularly with non-traditional, hard to reach audiences.

"The scope of work has required her to consult with a range of audiences including teachers, young people, families and adults with disabilities; the universally successful outcomes again testament to her expertise and flexibility."

– Head of Formal Learning Royal Museums Greenwich

I have expertise in collecting evidence from a wide range of audiences using a variety of traditional and creative data gathering tools such as focus groups, creative workshops, feedback forms, observation and one-to-one interviews, post-it notes, sticky dot rating, creative comments cards, graffiti walls, drawing and modelling, ratings using smiley faces and traffic light symbols as well as personal meaning mapping.

"Nicky’s a leader in the field in both qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods, being equally versed in the theory and practice."

– Head of Learning

I am skilled in complex analysis of qualitative data. I communicate effectively and provide useful, meaningful reports. I always work closely with the client to agree the intended purpose of each report from the outset.

"Nicky's written communication skills are strong with her reports being clear, insightful and focussed; she displays a clear understanding of the clients, funders and stakeholder requirements."

– Museum Development Officer

"Her reports are always thorough, pertinent and organised in a way that makes recommendations and findings easy to communicate and action."

– Audience Development Manager, English Heritage

evaluation group round table